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mini spheres | the essentials collection
mini spheres | the essentials collection

mini spheres | the essentials collection

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due to the perfectly symmetrical structure of crystal spheres, they gently emit positive energy in all directions, balancing your energy + raising the vibration of your space. the soothing, seamless flow of energy from crystal spheres balances out chaos + brings order

crystal spheres make a magical meditation aid, and holding spheres can be highly therapeutic. they represent wholeness + completeness, and bring the holder a sense of strength + stability

this gorgeous set of three mini crystal spheres brings with it the healing energy of three essential crystals - amethyst, rose quartz + clear quartz. it is the perfect addition to any crystal collection, and ideal as a collection for anyone starting out on their crystal journey 

amethyst  - amethyst stills the mind, encouraging mindfulness and relieving stress. it improves motivation, and enhances memory and decision-making abilities. amethyst is highly protective, repelling all negative energy

rose quartz - rose quartz is the stone of unconditional love, opening up the heart chakra to forgiveness, compassion + love. use rose quartz to help you to heal heartbreak, find new love, or to deal with difficult situations with love + compassion

clear quartz - the master healer, clear quartz has a high vibration, radiating pure white light helping to cleanse + balance the chakras. it connects us to higher consciousness + energises mind + body. clear quartz has the ability to amplify, focus, transform + transmit energy. it is highly programmable, amplifying + charging both your intentions + the energy of other crystals

supplied in a natural cotton drawstring bag

sphere size 25-30mm

you will recieve three spheres: one each of rose quartz, amethyst and clear quartz