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Beginning Your Crystal Journey

As a crystal seller, the question I get asked most regularly is “where do I begin?”

Starting out on your crystal journey can be overwhelming - what crystals are right for me? How do I work with them? Do I need to cleanse crystals? What do the different shapes mean? What books should I buy to learn about crystal properties? With so many different answers and opinions out there to each question it can be really daunting knowing where to start. This handy guide will help you navigate as you start out on your crystal journey…

What are healing crystals?

Over the past few years more and more people have become aware of crystalline energy and the use of crystals as healing tools; but their use dates back thousands of years.

Crystals can bring about positive changes in the human energy field by amplifying and raising energy vibrations. They can help us experience a greater awareness of both our own energy and that of the space around us. They can be used as tools to restore balance within mind, body and soul and help us to remain grounded in the present moment.

The healing effects and energetic balance we can harbour from crystals is due to their structure and highly stable energetic vibration. When this perfectly stable energy frequency is brought into our own energy field, our molecules begin to move in alignment with the highly balanced energy, thus balancing our own energy system.

Formed underground over thousands of years, crystals are minerals that are made up of an ordered and repeating arrangement of atoms and molecules in three dimensions. The appearance of the crystal - such as colour, texture, natural shape etc - is a result of what is has been made from and the environmental conditions under which it formed. This arrangement of molecules and the perfect structure is what creates the highly stable energy vibration.

Crystal shapes

The shape and finish of a crystal can affect the way in which you experience its energy - for example whether it is in its natural raw form or polished to a smooth finish. The way in which a crystal is cut, and the shape it is formed into, can bring out and accentuate the true nature and energy of the crystal.

Choosing your crystals

Whether you’re buying crystals or selecting a piece to work with, you don’t have to think too deeply about choosing a crystal, or indeed scour lots of books or online material about metaphysical properties of crystals. Allow your intuition to take charge. Our instincts play a huge role in our ability to select the right crystal at the right time, but it is easy to be distracted by the ‘meaning’ or generalised healing properties of a crystal.

Allow yourself to feel drawn to your piece without preconception. It may be the shape or colour of a piece that attracts your attention - or simply that you feel that it will look nice in your space. It may be that you hold a piece and like the way it feels close to you, or that holding it brings a sense of connection. If the appearance, feel, or energy of a crystal stirs something positive inside you then you have allowed your intuition to select the piece that is right for you at that time.

How many crystals do I need?

When starting out with crystals I always recommend working with just one or two at a time so that you can experience their energy and feel how they work for you. However you can have as many or as few crystals as you feel right. It may be that you have many of the same crystals, or collect an array of types, sizes and shapes, but allow your collection to grow organically, selecting by intuition.

Starting out

It's nice to get a basic understanding of the metaphysical properties of crystals and the healing benefits they are generally thought to bring to the holder, but don’t get too hung up on their ‘meaning’ or properties before working with them yourself. That way you get to experience and understand how they work with your energy and the connection you feel them; everyone’s energy is different and therefore people can experience the energy and vibrations of crystals differently.