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phantom amethyst vogel-style wand with hollandite inclusions (24-sided)

phantom amethyst vogel-style wand with hollandite inclusions (24-sided)

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please note that this piece has a small chip at the tip which can be seen in the photo. the price has been discounted to reflect this

magical phantom amethyst with hollandite and rainbow inclusions, polished into a 24-sided vogel-style wand

phantom amethyst reveals the growth + transformation of the crystal. it gives the holder the strength to release what is no longer serving them in order to make room for personal + spiritual growth, deep healing, and transformation. a potent reminder that growth may take time, but the results are magical + beautiful + powerful

a highly protective + purifying stone, phantom amethyst cleanses away negative energy + influences

an extremely powerful healing tool, vogel wands amplify, channel and focus energy

115mm approx