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cherry blossom agate baby mushrooms
cherry blossom agate baby mushrooms

cherry blossom agate baby mushrooms

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super cute teensy cherry blossom agate mushrooms

nurturing cherry blossom agate is a stone of growth + transformation, helping you to reach your full potential. it reminds you to honour + embrace new beginnings, and encourages you to welcome new opportunities with an open mind

cherry blossom agate brings happiness + a renewed zest for life, reminding us to find joy in everything we do. it works gently to build self-esteem + self-confidence, and aids in spiritual growth

the soothing feminine vibration of cherry blossom agate is nurturing + gently grounding, bringing a sense of peace + comfort

if you are feeling drawn to cherry blossom agate it may mean that the time is right to make the changes needed to make your dreams come true. transformation is on the horizon + now is the time to embrace it...and own it!

approx 16-20mm

intuitively selected piece