trolleite towers
trolleite towers

trolleite towers

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high grade trolleite towers from brazil

a powerful manifestation stone, trolleite is the perfect stone to use during new moon rituals or when setting out plans. it facilitates a deeper connection with your inner wisdom + inspires the holder to set intentions in line with their highest self

soothing trolleite makes a magical meditation aid and encourages awakening by removing barriers that may be holding you back in your spiritual development

the perfect stone to support you on your journey to living your highest life

tower 1 - 84 x 25 x 20mm

tower 2 - 82 x 35 x 20mm

tower 3 - 100 x 41 x 31mm

tower 4 - 107 x 45 x 30mm

tower 5 - 100 x 41 x 27mm