soul cards tarot deck | blush pink edition

soul cards tarot deck | blush pink edition

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this luxurious deck with a rich velvet-like feel includes the standard 78 cards, divided into the major and minor arcana. the matte cards feature beautifully simple yet captivating line illustrations in gold foil and a floral motif on the back. the box features matching gold foil inside + out, and floral motif

 deck specs:

  • 78 cards - including the Major Arcana, and Minor Arcana of the four suits (wands, swords, pentactles, cups)
  • 12 x 7cm cards
  • sturdy two-piece box with gold foil details
  • velvet matte-finish to the cards
  • gold foil + gold edging

please note that there is no accompanying booklet for this deck, however the descriptions for each card can be found on the soul cards website