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sacred geometry set | rose quartz
sacred geometry set | rose quartz

sacred geometry set | rose quartz

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set of five platonic solids carved from brazilian rose quartz

platonic solids represent the sacred patterns that exist in all of nature - they are the geometric building blocks of life. there are five main three dimensional shapes which make up the platonic solids:

tetrahedron (pyramid, four sides)
hexahedron (cube, six sides)
octahedron (eight sides)
dodecahedron (twelve sides)
icosahedron (twenty sides)

the platonic solids remind us that all things come from one source, and that we are intimately + ever woven together. it is believed that they hold the secrets of the universe + allow us to access ancient knowledge

rose quartz is the stone of unconditional love, opening up the heart chakra to forgiveness, compassion + love. use rose quartz to help you to heal heartbreak, find new love, or to deal with difficult situations with love + compassion

the sides of each shape measures 15-20mm approx