raw pink lemurian quartz | point a

raw pink lemurian quartz | point a

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rare pink lemurian quartz is heart-centred, opening up the heart space to unconditional love and compassion. they help to remove emotional debris, allowing you to form deeper connections

it is believed that the unique striations found on lemurian crystals contain the secrets of the universe. meditating with the super high vibrational lemurian quartz helps you to discover the truth of your soul, inviting in a sense of serenity, enlightenment, and wisdom

lemurian crystals teach that time is an illusion, helping us to move beyond its boundaries, and facilitating true mindfulness

the subtle pink colouration is caused by hematite inclusions and coating, which serves to ground the spiritual information encoded within the crystal

Minas Gerais, Brazil

95mm approx, twin flame

raw point with natural imperfections