peruvian pink opal towers
peruvian pink opal towers

peruvian pink opal towers

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beautifully soothing + comforting peruvian pink opal

one of the most powerful heart chakra stones, gentle pink opal brings about emotional healing. it releases worry + anxiety, and removes blockages of the heart chakra, bringing about acceptance + growth

nurturing pink opal has a peaceful + tranquil energy, encouraging compassion + balancing emotions. it works gently + is the perfect stone for anyone who finds other heart chakra crystals too powerful

the rejuvenating energy of pink opal aids self healing, and is known as a stone of spiritual awakening

tower 1 - 58mm

tower 2 - 71mm

tower 3 - 70mm

tower 4 - 74mm

tower 5 - 79mm

tower 6 - 86mm

tower 7 - 78mm