clear quartz sacred geometric shapes
clear quartz sacred geometric shapes

clear quartz sacred geometric shapes

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sacred geometric shapes carved from beautiful brazilian clear quartz 

platonic solids represent the sacred patterns that exist in all of nature - they are the geometric building blocks of life. there are five main three dimensional shapes which make up the platonic solids:

tetrahedron (pyramid, four sides)
hexahedron (cube, six sides)
octahedron (eight sides)
dodecahedron (twelve sides)
icosahedron (twenty sides)

the platonic solids remind us that all things come from one source, and that we are intimately + ever woven together. it is believed that they hold the secrets of the universe + allow us to access ancient knowledge

the master healer, clear quartz has a high vibration, radiating pure white light helping to cleanse + balance the chakras. it connects us to higher consciousness and energises mind + body. clear quartz has the ability to amplify, focus, transform + transmit energy. it is highly programmable; amplifying + charging both your intentions + the energy of other crystals

each shape measures 30-35mm approx

select your shape from the drop down menu. this listing is for one piece